Our Escrow service in plain language

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Bola is client who  wants to transport 5000 bags of rice from Kaduna to Lagos using  Alhaji Umaru’s 40 tonne trailer. However, they don’t trust each other  because of the large sums of money involved.

So, Bola won’t pay Alhaji unless he has finished delivering the bags of rice. Alhaji Umaru will not deliver the goods unless he has been paid


A Stalemate has occured

This is where Dandoko.com  escrow service comes in.

We confirms to Alhaji  that Bola has put the money into our escrow account .

Alhaji is satisfied  and delivers the 5000 bags of rice to Bola’s agreed destination. Both Bola and Alhaji confirm to us that the goods  has been delivered. We will then release the money to Alhaji within 24 hours of this confirmation.

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